Friday, 27 April 2012

Welcome speech from Tsering Angchok Mayur at speak !                                              20-April-2012

There are two things that I feel I should share :

First ..We see only few people have gathered to learn or improve their public speaking that may not seem very conducive for a public speaking platform. But I see it as a great opportunity to learn for a beginner. I see it as a great platform to learn from our mistakes in a small group of people. To make you all little more clear of how large this audience is ..I request you all to do an exercise at your home , give a short speech infront of you room mate or brother or sister while standing and you feel the nervousness even infront of one person. I felt that way from  my own personal experience. So this audience , I think is quite enough to learn or improve our public speaking.

Secondly …….It is extremely important for all of us to understand that we all have different levels of confidence. When we speak of ‘public speaking’ and there are many reasons, lack of practice or experience is one of it .Some can stand and speak with less fear or no fear. Some gets so feared that they barely can stand and give an introduction of themselves and I consider myself in this section of people.
Friends ….
We are not here to show how intelligent we are because I feel nobody is perfectly and absolutely intelligent and nobody is absolutely dumb. A great scientist may be, considered as an intelligent person in a modern world but he/she may be poor or know nothing about cooking or for that matter farming. It is because we play this intellectual game with each other we still fear to speak in public even when we are supposedly educated.
We are here, just to share what we believe, what we know, what others you feel should know
We are here to create a culture where we selflessly encourage each other to stand and speak.
Friends lets speak our heart … If it matters to you what more reason you need to stand by your believes and your convictions.
I welcome you all to speak!

Thank you