Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ms.Rinchen Dolma

Ms.Rinchen Dolma on
( Why media is not in Leh and importance of media in Leh)

She strongly believe, the reason for not having media in Leh is because of lack of awareness which further leads back to lack of awareness in our society about our rights and many other informations. The current generation may have some advantages through medium like Facebook and other portal websites, but those who know about these medium use them just to advertise for areas like tourism or just to release some basic news. The older generation doesn’t have any access to these things and whatever medium they have is quite limited. They have no idea about what is happening around in a broader sense and they are unaware about their rights, so media is one of the best solution to let people know about what they ought to know because it is their right to know it. Media also provides a platform for the people to raise their voice against anything which is not going right, which we can term as injustice.
May be due to the dominion from some dominating class, it didn’t sprang up in Ladakh in these late years but we should not just lay back instead we should pull our socks and socialize ourselves and bring media in our Ladakh so that we can create awareness of many rights and information among our people.

Ms.Rinchen Dolma is pursuing M.A English Literature from Delhi  University ...can reach her on 

Speak Ladakh expects her comprehensive speech on the same issue in future.