Thursday, 26 March 2015

Post II on our Sanitation Project

It's seen that there's a serious communication gap between what we are trying to convey and how people have perceived it.
The sanitation project we were working on could not see the light of the day due to many problems, which needs to be shared and discussed among us.
Continued from our previous post..
Following our small research we went to Morup saab (then ADC) who was also head of Municipal Committee with our DPR (Detailed Project Report) but to our utter surprise he ask us straight question 'What do you want ?' It is understandable that person at such rank has more important things to consider than wasting their time on every individual who come up with their ideas, but Bureaucratic freedom which Modi proposed to give had no value there.
We said this could be an alternative solution for the problem of sanitation in Leh that you should consider, on it he said " Who is going to pay for it ?"
We " If there's possibility of getting fund from state govt."
On it " Last pey ka Kunga tundup ka leb pa ya " (At the end you reach to money, loosely translated)
Following that we went to Ka RP hoping some positive response from his side, but he also gave cold response saying leave the file there on table I will read it later. We doubt he even cared to read our aims and objectives forget the feasibility or viability of project.
Finally we got a chance to show our presentation to Ka Rigzin Jora without taking any appointment or giving prior notice (On spot at Circuit House). On mentioning we have project regarding Sanitation problem in Leh, he immediately called Morup Saab saying he is the person who has executive power at ground level.
After the presentation it was decided that they will provide a chunk of fund from LEF (Ladakh Environmental Fund) depending on the estimation we give.
We can't and should not deny the boldness of Jora Saab for taking that decision and encouraging the youths' aspiration.
Here we want to make it very clear that we don't have any inclination to any political party.
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