Thursday, 26 March 2015

Speak Ladakh Looking for potential Sponsors !!


Speak Ladakh is about to start a series of interviews soon of the people of Ladakh broadly with following Objectives:

  1. To bridge the information gap between the current younger generation and our past generations(On knowledge of their work and them) who have played and still playing a significant role in different spheres for Ladakh.
  2. To create a digital archive of eminent personalities of Ladakh, their experiences, their wisdom and their untiring contribution in making Ladakh a better place.  
  3. To take interviews of unsung heroes of Ladakh and hence bring them in public domain.
  4. To take interviews of the budding leaders and new talents of Ladakh.
  5. To take interviews of leading politicians, scholars, social workers, entrepreneurs etc.
  6. And we will gradually evolve with time since these interview series have a huge scope in future. 

We have this firm believe that many of these interviews are going to be Historic, which will help us eventually in keeping a memory of the people who have untiringly served Ladakh in many ways.
If what we claim synchronizes with any of potential donors please let us know.

Love and regards